Fort Collins IV Services

Fort Collins has long been loved as a town where history meets the future, with a robust downtown culture combining carefully restored historic buildings with some of the best innovations on the Front Range. Along the Cache la Poudre river sits Old Town, the rustic and charming heart of the city, which has now become home to our very own Hydrate IV Bar! At Hydrate IV Bar Fort Collins, we promote health and wellness from the inside out. With six locations throughout Colorado, we are bringing IV hydration to our communities!

Our IV Services

We are most famous for our menu of vitamin-infused IV therapy cocktails. Each of our IV services contains a full liter of saline mixed with blends of the vitamins and nutrients that your body craves. Signature Cocktails at our Fort Collins IV Bar:

  • Recovery IV
  • Jetlag IV
  • Health & Wellness IV
  • Immunity IV
  • Athletic IV
  • Anti-Aging IV
  • Myers Cocktail
  • Katie Cocktail

In addition to our signature IV services, you are welcome to build your own unique blends to suit your personal needs! Not sure where to start? If it’s your first time in, we recommend trying one of our four most popular cocktails:

  • Myers Cocktail IV – Named after renowned physician John Myers, the Myers cocktail is the most popular IV therapy cocktail in the United States, and that is no exception at our Fort Collins IV Bar!
  • The Katie Cocktail – Named in honor of Hydrate IV Bar’s founder, this is the exact cocktail that she prefers and has recommended to clients for years. Similar to the Myers but with an added kick, $5 of every purchase is donated to our charity partner of the quarter.
  • Health & Wellness IV – Packed with the essential nutrients to optimize brain and body performance, this cocktail makes the perfect maintenance package.
  • Recovery IV – Many venture into Old Town for the legendary nightlife, but don’t let the next morning get you down! Our Recovery IV cocktail contains the perfect ingredients to kill headaches, nausea, and stop dehydration in its tracks.

NAD+ IV Therapy Services

NAD+ IV Therapy is NOW AVAILABLE as an IV service at our Fort Collins Spa!

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It is essentially vitamin B3 broken down into its most usable form, and when infused, it goes directly to your cells, creating energy at the cellular level. Between the ages of 40 – 60, we have 50% less NAD+ in our bodies. This means that when your cells break down, your body cannot repair them like it used to. NAD+ helps your body rebuild and repair cells.

NAD+ promotes cell regeneration, + is also beneficial for: better sleep, mental clarity, focus, and energy, the regulation of dopamine and serotonin levels, + stimulating sirtuins (proteins), which have anti-inflammatory properties. NAD+ IV therapy can also be beneficial for clients experiencing joint and muscle pain, stabilizing hormones, improving mood, + increasing metabolism.

Questions about NAD+ IV infusions? Our team is happy to chat with you! Email or give us a call at (970) 672-8433.

Dosage + Pricing

– 500MG NAD IV Therapy: $400 for Hydrate members / $450 for non-members

– 750MG NAD IV Therapy: $500 for Hydrate members / $550 for non-members

– 1000MG NAD IV Therapy: $750 for Hydrate members / $850 for non-members


Injection Services

In addition to our popular range of IV services, we also offer four vitamin injections that can be received on their own or added to your IV cocktail service. Our injections include B12, MIC (methionine + inositol + choline + methylcobalamin), D3, and Tri-Immune (glutathione + zinc + vitamin c) injections, each crafted to address the common needs and vitamin deficiencies of modern life.

Shot Pass

For $50 per month, this pass grants you access to our best injection deal ever — 50% off all single injections, all the time! Including B12, MIC, D3, and Tri-Immune. This pass can be enjoyed on its own, or paired with your IV membership.

Injection limits apply based on efficacy recommendations from our medical director. Click here to learn more!

Hydrate IV Membership

Hydrate IV Bar is excited to offer membership services to our loyal customers! At only $125 per month ($99 for students!)a Hydrate IV Bar Fort Collins membership is less than the cost of a single IV cocktail for non-members, and includes a range of benefits. Each month members receive:

  • 1 IV therapy cocktail
  • 1 B12 injection
  • NAD+ IV package discounts
  • 30% off any additional visits or add-ons!
  • “Friends with benefits” passes to share wellness with your circle
  • Access to member-only sales & events!

If you are near Fort Collins stop by for IV services!